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Simulacrum (Experimental Narrative)

Simulacrum is a project created from a visual journal inspired by the journals of Barron Storey.  The Journal was originally 14x17" and was filled to the brim with pages of paintings, drawings, and words.  The pages were then developed into a series of paintings that create a composite image of the journal work.  The physical journal was framed and hung as part of the series. The journal consists of explorations and illustrations of the concepts in my written thesis titled, POSTMODERN EXPRESSIONISM: A VISUAL JOURNAL ON THE SIMULACRUM.  Themes in the project include the concept of simulacra, postmodern meta culture, and tourism.  

β€œIt was not enough to participate in commonly held assumptions, whether about the self or the society in which one lives. Could one break through habits of thought and perception with practice? I thought so.”             -Barron Storey     


Simulacrum Series

Simulacrum Gallery Show